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In this post for our friend Ryan Hampton's Blog, our CEO and Co-Founder Justin Kunzelman outlines his journey of recovery and some insights on his beliefs regarding the recovery process. He shares details on his life, recovery, and drug use. This post is featured as part of Ryan Hampton's Voices Project.

One of many articles on Rebel Recovery's work to end abuses of people who use drugs and those seeking recovery by the villainous scum operating sub-par, dangerous, and unethical "sober homes" and "treatment facilities" in our Florida communities. Written by the effervescent, intrepid reporter Christine Stapleton of The Palm Beach Post.

The Other End of the Needle

How a Group of Rebels Are Taking on America’s Addiction Epidemic


Zachary A Siegel

Zachary Siegel is reporting for In Justice Today. He is currently a Guggenheim Justice Fellow at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

Aug 7, 2017

A on our founders and the revolutionary work being done by Rebel Recovery in our community. This story gives a brief overview of CEO and Co-Founder Justin Kunzelman's life and an in depth look at our Emergency Room accidental drug poisoning response program. Written by a friend and superb journalist, Zachary Siegel, who's commitment to reporting on drug policy and advocacy efforts has helped to reshape America's response to drug use. You're the man, Zach! Not anything like that OTHER Zack, you know, Morris. He's trash. 

In this article for The Fix written by Zachary Siegel, (Hey! We know that guy.) he takes a look at The Palm Beach Post's revolutionary report series "Generation Heroin". This article features quotes by our CEO and Co-Founder Justin Kunzelman (getting real sick of seeing this guy's name).