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Our projects are aimed at building a stronger community for all. Here's our current ones.


Certified Peer Recovery Support

Our Peer Support Services are carried out by Certified Peer Recovery Supports. These services are meant to engage people who use substances in community based services. Focusing on the specific needs of each individual rather than a pre-defined set of services, we introduce people to a complete system of care. Our services are no cost to the consumer and are centered around services accessible to everyone regardless of means or financial status. Peers offer social support and act as a navigator of sorts, walking hand in hand through each task that needs to be completed to address the needs of the individual. The goal of these services is to ensure everyone has access to the following:

·         Stable Housing

·         Stable Employment

·         Supportive Recovery Services

·         Access to Healthy Food

·         Medical Care

·         Dental Care

·         Therapeutic Services (when needed)

·         Access to Harm Reduction Services (when needed)

·         Supportive Social Environment

·         Access to Public Transportation

·         Basic Societal Documents (ID, SS Card, Birth Certificate)

·         Other Quality of Life Needs



Harm Reduction Advocacy

Rebel Recovery has initiated or been involved with many advocacy efforts centered around expanding access to harm reduction services in our community. You can find our advocacy efforts below. 

  • Community Naloxone Distribution
  • Statewide Syringe Access Legislation (SB 800 and HB 579)
  • Expansion of Opioid Replacement Therapy in Drug Courts
  • Access to Peer Services in Drug Courts
  • Safe Use Educational Expansion
  • Expanding the carry of Naloxone in Sober Homes and Treatment Facilities
  • Instituting Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) Program
  • Access to Peer Services in Family Drug Court to encourage family cohesion
  • Encouraging Law Enforcement to carry Naloxone
  • Campaign to destigmatize non 12 step recovery approaches
  • Institution of common sense drug policy
  • Development of anti patient brokering legislation
  • Access to sober living for individuals on Opioid Replacement Therapy



trainings program

Rebel Recovery offers continuing training for the whole community. Whether addressing the Substance Use Disorder treatment professional, people who use substances, their families, law enforcement, or community leaders, the focus of our trainings is to impart knowledge regarding the ethical and effective  treatment of substance users. All of our trainings are based in peer reviewed scientific study, and while not accredited for CEUs provide a base knowledge of methods for improving the attendees knowledge and empathy in regards to not only the root causes of substance use but also necessary elements in dealing with harms related to substance use. While not a comprehensive list, some of our past training topics are listed below:

·         Naloxone Administration

·         Overdose Prevention and Response

·         Social Support for People Who Use Substances

·         Harm Reduction in Our Community

·         Safe Use Techniques

·         Syringe Access Programs

·         Drug Safety

·         Stigma Reduction